Using a machine polisher, we eliminate swirl marks and dullness to restore the paint of the vehicle. A machine polisher is the best known way to help remove paint surface imperfections to get your car looking new! Some common causes of  paint defects are bird droppings, hard water spots, fine scratches and swirls marks due to automated car washes and acid rain etching.



Overspray is most commonly extra paint that falls on the clear coat of the vehicle leaving the texture of the surface feeling rough and bumpy. By using a deep orbital polisher, we buff out and smooth the surface while also removing the overspray residue.

Oxidation Removal

Oxidation of the paint is caused by environmental damages such as exposure of the sun and weather. This leaves the paint looking faded and dull.  By wet sanding the paint, it brings back the glossiness of the paint restoring to look newer.

Scratch / Swirl Removal

By using special polishes and professional buffers, we are able to remove a percentage of the fine scratches or swirls “cob webb” marks on the paint. Automated carwashes tend to add more swirl marks.
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